Def Leppard aniverseaza 40 de ani de "On Through The Night"

de Cristi Nedelcu

Def Leppard aniverseaza 40 de ani de

Albumul de debut "On Through The Night" este sarbatorit print-un episod special al emisiunii de radio "The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands"

"The memory is etched in my mind to this day: an intrepid Mercury Records promotion man, Cliff Burnstein, working out of their Chicago office, called me at Memphis radio ROCK 103 in March 1980 and said he was sending '...a one-listen easy add to your playlist' by a new British band, Def Leppard. When the song 'Rock Brigade' arrived, it was the UK single, a 45 rpm vinyl record with the small hole for the spindle. Cliff was right, we started playing 'Rock Brigade' immediately even before the Def Leppard debut full album, On Through the Night , was released Stateside.", a declarat gazda Show-lui, Redbeard.

Materialul a fost lansat pe 14 martie 1980. Discul l-a avut ca producator pe Tom Allom si a ocupat locul 15 in topurile din Marea Britaie si locul 51 in topul Bilboard 200.

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