Immortal, Mayhem si Amon Amarth NU canta la Rock City Open Air (Festival Amanat)

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Immortal, Mayhem si Amon Amarth NU canta la Rock City Open Air (Festival Amanat)


Festivalul Rock City Open Air ANULAT sau AMANAT ?

Conform unui post de pe blogul lor de Myspace, Immortal nu vor canta la Rock City Open Air

Regretfully, Immortal will not be performing at the Rock City Open Air in Romania,
where we were scheduled to perform Saturday August 22. The contract that we agreed
on was not honored within the deadline from the promoter, thus making our participation impossible.

We still hope to meet our Romanian fans in the future!

De consolare (evident, cu ghilimelele de rigoare...) va oferim niste filmari cu Immortal de la Brutal Assault 2009 aici:

Brutal Assault 2009 pe METALHEAD

Amon Amarth de asemenea au anuntat ceva destul de ciudat:

We just got news that the Rock City Open Air in Romania has been cancelled

Si MAYHEM au anuntat pe pagina de Myspace ca anuleaza concertul de la Rock City Open Air

Unfortunately Mayhem will not perform in Romania next week as the whole festival has been canceled (or apparently postponed). We are deeply sorry for the fans who wanted to see us performing there. This is of course totally out of our control.
A statement regarding the reason of the cancellation should be posted on the festival's myspace page soon.

Asphyx si Agathodaimon de asemenea au scos Rock City Open Air din lista de concerte de pe paginile lor de MySpace.

Pe langa anularile concertelor MACBETH, TRAIL OF TEARS, BLOOD RED THRONE, organizatorii Rock City Open Air Festival anunta cu parere de rau altecateva recitaluri anulate. Este vorba despre PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER, ONSLAUGHT, STORMLORD, BLAZE BAYLEY si THEATRES DES VAMPIRES.

Se pare ca zvonurile ca ROCK CITY OPEN AIR s-a anulat cresc in intensitate. Astept o declaratie oficiala din partea organizatorilor.

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