O intersectie din New York va purta numele formatiei Ramones

de Andreea Gherfi

O intersectie din New York va purta numele formatiei Ramones

O intersectie din Forest Hills (New York) va fi denumita pe 23 Octombrie "The Ramones Way" in cinstea legendarilor punkeri de la Ramones. Intersectia se afla in fata liceului din Forest Hills, locul in care membrii originali Ramones s-au cunoscut.

"I'm just so proud that this is actually going to happen. My efforts have culminated into something great happening for the RAMONES and RAMONES fans everywhere.", a marturisit Mitchell Leigh Hyman, fratele lui Joey Ramone

"Many legendary musicians also attended Forest Hills High School including Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Burt Bacharach, as well as the members of the famous punk rock group the RAMONES. The RAMONES played well in the 1990s and received numerous accolades and awards including an induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Working with Joey Ramone's brother and Forest Hills resident Mickey Leigh and fans of the band, I am so very pleased to honor our hometown musical heroes by renaming 67th Avenue and 110th Street in front of Forest Hills High School, right where it all started as 'The Ramones Way'.", a declarat Karen Koslowitz, membra a consiliului din Forest Hills

Pe 18 martie 2002, cei trei membri fondatori ai trupei Ramones si tobosarii Tommy si Marky Ramone au fost inclusi in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, iar in 2011, grupul a primit Premiul Grammy pentru intreaga cariera.

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